About Bookcave

About Bookcave

Bookcave.ca is an independent online journal. Our purpose is to provide a showcase for books for young readers. For more information on the site and future plans, please click here.


To write for Bookcave.ca:

If you are interested in writing an article or book review for Bookcave, please contact Barry Jowett at barry@bookcave.ca.

Bookcave’s policy is that any outside contributors get paid for their work. The only volunteer is the site’s owner. Writers provide work that is valuable and deserve to get paid for what they do. We will not hire anyone unless we have the money to pay them. We can’t pay much, but we will pay and we’ll let you know what our current rates are before you write anything.


To send a book for review:

We review books for all grade levels. If you would like to send a book for review, please contact info@bookcave.ca

Please note that, due to time constraints, we are not currently accepting self-published books for review. We hope to add self-published books at a later date.


To announce a new book or an event:

We will attempt to provide weekly listings of new releases, book launches, readings, signings, and other events. To submit a listing, please contact info@bookcave.ca


Our staff:

Head Caveperson: Barry Jowett
Writers: Barry Jowett … and more to come.
Editor: Barry Jowett
Webmaster: I can’t remem … oh right, Barry Jowett. This guy should get some staff.


About Barry Jowett:

By day, Barry Jowett is the mild-mannered publisher of Dancing Cat Books, the young readers’ imprint of Cormorant Books. By night, he whips off his glasses, dons his cape, then puts his glasses back on and never actually had a cape in the first place, and becomes the mild-mannered publisher of Bookcave.ca. He has worked in publishing for more than twenty years, building successful children’s literature imprints at Dundurn Press and Cormorant. He hopes to one day throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Blue Jays game.

While he continues to be publisher of Dancing Cat Books, Bookcave.ca is an independent and impartial side-project begun in 2016 to help publishers and authors connect to readers.


Supporting Bookcave.ca:

Please help support Bookcave.ca through Patreon. All contributions made to our Patreon campaign will be used to pay outside creators for contributions to the website. Bookcave will not profit financially from your generosity and we will be happy to provide any Patreon supporters with an accounting of how our campaign money has been used. Our Patreon campaign can be found by clicking “Support Us on Patreon” in the top menu, or by clicking this button: