Cave Notes, January 27, 2017

Cave Notes, January 27, 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Cave Notes, and that’s because we’ve been a little light on content lately.

Two reasons for this: first and foremost, my day job has been very busy in the new year as I’ve been getting books to print, and that has meant a lot of day-job work has been done from home, where I usually do my night-job stuff, my night-job stuff being, well, this. And the second reason is that I read three books that I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing. My policy is that I only review books I can give a thumbs-up to — my job is to connect readers with books, not tell people what not to read. So, rather than hurt an author’s sales, I keep my negative reviews to myself. (No worries, anyone who has sent me a book for review — your book wasn’t among these misses.)

But there has been content! Wonderful, glorious content! So, let’s look at what you might have missed since our last Cave Notes …

It should surprise no one that I was not terribly impressed with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, who followed through with their silly plan to put a tax on books. This war on literacy makes no sense whatsoever as it won’t stuff much money into the provincial loot bag — it will only punish people for reading and writing.

I changed out of my grouchy pants for a bit so I could talk about TED-Ed’s World Required Reading List. It’s a column in which I solve all of Canada’s problems by altering the educational system. You can thank me later.

Wednesday was Bell Let’s Talk day, on which people are asked to go online to encourage people to talk about mental health issues. I took the opportunity to review Wesley King’s OCDaniel, which is a very good look at a young person with OCD. (In the review, I also talk about my own anxiety disorder.) As it turns out, I reviewed another book about mental health not long ago, so check out this piece on Martine Leavitt’s Calvin.

If you’ve been following Bookcave on Twitter (like all the cool people), you’ve likely seen me mention that a podcast is in the works. For those of you who haven’t been following on Twitter, a podcast is in the works. I’m just waiting on a couple of pieces of audio equipment and I’ll be ready to start putting together some actual podcasts. I’ve been doing some test podcasts to establish that I can, in fact, figure out how to use ridiculously simple, idiot-proof audio software, so if all goes well, there might be a podcast starting in (fingers crossed) February. But maybe March.

Check in with us on Sunday for our weekly Outside the Cave, in which we tell you about some things we’ve been reading around the web.

Barry Jowett
Head Caveperson

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