Cave Notes, January 6, 2017

Cave Notes, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year from Bookcave!

Keen observers will have noted that Bookcave took a break for most of the holidays. It turns out that all that travelling and getting-together wasn’t terribly conducive to providing content for the site, but we re-emerged this week.

A little bit of news: we’re working towards launching a podcast in the spring. (March, April, or May, depending on how the learning-the-ropes phase goes.) It will be a weekly podcast and will feature interviews with authors, booksellers, and other members of the Canadian kidlit community. We haven’t begun lining up guests yet, but the equipment shopping list has been made and we’re digging into our pockets to pay for it all.

But while we’re still in the text-only era of Bookcave, let’s review what has transpired this week on the site.

On Tuesday, we made our triumphant return from the holidays with a take on the controversy surrounding a book being published in the US. While Bookcave strongly condemns the signing of this book, we will not boycott works from the parent company of the imprint that is publishing the offending title. As I say in the column, boycotting that company would punish authors who have nothing to do with that book’s acquisition, and Bookcave is, first and foremost, about supporting authors.

And speaking of the authors, a point I made in the column was that many of those authors are upset about the publisher’s decision. Here are the thoughts of one such author, and his views are shared by many. I don’t believe this author, or others like him, should be punished for something they are clearly opposed to.

On Thursday, we posted a review of Martine Leavitt’s award-winning book Calvin. This is one of my three or four favourite books I’ve read in the past year. It’s a bit of an older title — it was published in 2015 — so I hadn’t planned on reviewing it. I loved it so much, though, that I wanted to review it. It’s great stuff; I wish I’d read it before posting our pre-holiday book recommendations. But what the heck — buy it for yourself and you’ll love it so much you’ll want to buy it for friends and family, too.

Stay tuned this Sunday for the return of Outside the Cave, our weekly review of things we’ve read on other sites around the web that we think you’ll want to have a look at too.

Finally, our final Cave Notes item is always a reminder that there are two ways of supporting Bookcave. The first — and a much-appreciated one — is sharing. If you see a post you like, share it on social media (or share our tweets and Facebook posts). Shares increase our page views, and page views are valuable. The second way of supporting us is through our Patreon campaign.

That’s all for this week’s Notes. Have a great weekend!

Barry Jowett
Head Caveperson

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