Writers Needed

Writers Needed

So far you’ve been looking at (and hopefully enjoying) phase 1 of Bookcave, which is the “get some content out there and start to establish a bit of structure” stage. (I couldn’t come up with a better name.)

We’re now working towards phase 2, in which the site truly becomes the “online journal” I have been calling it. The target date for the launch of phase 2 is February. When it’s up and running you’ll see my regular weekly pieces (a column, a review, Cave Notes, and Outside the Cave), and you’ll also see a different feature each week from an outside contributor. One week it will be a feature article, another week a guest review, another week short fiction, and finally, a monthly author profile.

To do all this, we’ll need writers. And we pay for content. One of the motivations for setting up Bookcave was to provide writers with another option for shorter work, and to pay them for it.

We can’t pay a lot, but we will pay, and every writer who contributes to the site will be paid before their material is used. The work writers do is valuable and they deserve to be compensated for it. Bookcave’s policy is to pay every outside writer who contributes to the site. (I am the only person who does not get paid for contributions.)

So, what are we looking for? Down the road I’ll be looking for book reviewers and will also be putting out a call for short-fiction submissions, but for now I’m looking for people to write feature articles. Bookcave will be publishing at least one feature article per month by guest writers.

If you have an idea for an article, please pitch me your idea at barry@bookcave.ca. Phase 2 is set to launch in February, so I’ll need pitches in by the first week of January.

Please note that the article does not need to have been written at the time that you pitch it. Simply tell me your article idea, how long you think you will need to write it, and let me know your publishing history. If you don’t have a publishing history, please submit a sample of your writing with your pitch. (Ideally, the writing sample should reflect the tone of the piece you are pitching.)

Also keep in mind that, as this site is dedicated to Canadian kidlit, the subject of your article should be relevant to the Canadian kidlit community.

Feature articles should be a minimum of 2,000 words. There is no maximum length.

Articles published by Bookcave will appear online, and also in our quarterly (or possibly monthly) epub/PDF version of Bookcave, which is available only to Patreon subscribers. That, too, is set to launch in February (at the end of the month).

Payment for authors is made possible due to the generosity of Bookcave readers who have contributed to our Patreon campaign. My promise from the start has been that no Patreon dollars will go into my pocket — anything readers contribute to our campaign will be used solely to pay outside content providers. (And I will continue declining to pay myself for my contributions.) Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. I’m extremely grateful.

Barry Jowett
Head Caveperson

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